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Men's Recovery in Lawrence, KS


the front yard of the house on an autumn day
Hearthstone is a residential facility located in Lawrence, Kansas dedicated to helping adult men serious about recovering from their addictions to alcohol, drugs or both.  It was founded in 1982 by a group of six men in recovery with the intention of helping others achieve what they had accomplished.  Since that time, hundreds of men from all walks of life, all races and multiple nationalities have made Hearthstone their home as part of their recovery journey.
By Pudelek (Marcin Szala) - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link
Hearthstone is supported by the rent paid by its residents as well as through outside contributions.  It is a registered 501(3)(c) charitable organization.
Hearthstone can accommodate up to ten residents at a time and it is governed by a non-resident Board of Directors drawn from the recovery community in Lawrence, some of whom are former residents themselves.  Hearthstone has no affiliation with any other organization but residents are required to participate in a 12-step recovery program while in residence.  Frequent meetings of the relevant organizations are held within easy walking distance of the facility.
The current cost of residence at Hearthstone is $140 per week, split between $110 for rent and $50 for a food fund which is administered by the residents.  Residents are required to support themselves while in residence via meaningful work, but no money is required upon admission.  More requirements for living at Hearthstone are shown on the RESPONSIBILITIES page and the procedure for applying is outlined on the APPLICATIONS page.
If you or someone you know could benefit from what Hearthstone has to offer, you are encouraged to contact us.  You can also print out a brochure by using the BROCHURE link above.